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Looking for a fun, attractive and educated person

It is difficult to objectively describe oneself but I will try. I have been told I am an optimist who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. This is probably true.

To me the important things are to be true to yourself, kind, generous, to be able to laugh at life, and especially oneself, in short, to have a sense of humour!

Horses are my passion, everything about them fascinates me and I have ridden most of my life. I love the sea as well, and travel of course. My other great interest is Naturopathy, and medicinal plants.

Having grown up in East Africa I love the tropics and the African bush.

The sort of man I am looking for need not share my hobbies as l think different interests open one up to new experiences in life and this is a good thing. I do expect him to be kind, generous, with a sense of humour and financially independent. if he can make me laugh that would be the best!

Ps I wear makeup but not too much! ;)

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