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Looking for a girl who is basically happy and content

Vision for my soul mate is unique, special and wonderful: If you are ready, fit, agreeable, charming in the heart, intelligent, and articulate then I am 100% available for real serious love and forever relationship.With me, you are the best and happiest you have ever been. Your figure, positive spirit, melodic messages, meaningful glances, connected touch, and smiles make me smile! You value purpose, fitness, love and loyalty, people and animals. You appreciate education and sophistication in the city balanced with joys in the country. You instinctively listen, encourage, and inspire our families, friends, and others we serve.

You are young at heart with an old soul. You are so attractive and special you have options. You pursue me because of our connection plus distinctions you see: fit, smart, articulate, kind to people of all walks, harmony with women in my family, servant leader.You believe, I am the greatest lady on the planet for you. You are my best friend, partner, and muse. You value my calling to help people learn to be their best-selves and pursue their callings, plus patriotic public service. You like simple joys of work and play with animals, plants, and nature, with balanced doses of professional life. You are a noble princess,” a person of purpose, graceful under pressure. If you feel stress or conflict, we focus on solutions to resolve the challenge. You rarely complain or feel cynicism because you think above that.I consider myself a romantic, tempered by practicality, a casual approach, and firm feelings about a few things. My friends tell me my humor is wry and witty, at my best when I don’t think about it. I have a few close friends, and have a nice balance of music friends and associates.

I try to be who I am, and expect a man to be their real self, not give me their “act…Four words are important to me: chemistry, compatibility, integrity, and honesty. By honesty I don’t mean you have to read me a list of your deep dark past, but I expect you to be authentic, deal with me honestly, up front, not saying one thing while planning something else. With those elements, a good relationship can grow into a great one over time. We would bring out the best in each other.

Of course we must have major areas of compatibility, but also a lot of wiggle room. A healthy dose of self reflection and humility always helps a relationship move forward, and conflicts can be a chance to grow closer rather than bolt. A relationship either grows or it withers.I am caring and sensitive with an analytical side to me. Very open minded and tend to look beyond the horizon.

Not afraid to open up and express my feelings with the right person. Willing to try almost anything at least once but at the same time have a particular taste. Love to go out but just as comfortable being at home. I tend to look at things from all angles and pull things apart in hopes of discovering…The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather loved in spite of ourselves. Sometimes, we believe that if everything is not perfect, we cannot be grateful for anything. We easily fall into all-or- nothing thinking. When we do this, we miss all the goodness that surrounds us.

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