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Looking for nice girl who works hard

I’m a loving person, very straight forward I call a spade a spade, what you see is what you get. Love my kids they not perfect but they mine I have 3 grown up girls, age 30,29 and 19 I live with my 19 year old. I’m divorced for 12 yrs and been single since. I don’t drink and smoke never had and never will. I hate the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. I don’t go out much I prefer staying at home. I love reading my best author is Danielle Steel. I also like listening to music Gospel, RnB and Soul. I’m not n movie person but I don’t mind watching. I hate cooking. I love cleaning doing washing and ironing. So ya friendship it is and we’ll see where the path might lead.

We not young anymore and I believe we all need a soul mate one time or another, someone we can talk to at all times and about everything, nil sewe drie vier drie vier vyf twee vyf een . I don’t have a problem with RACE that doesn’t bother me. As long we have the greatest RESPECT for each other that counts. So their you have it GENTLEMAN if you claim to be a CHRISTIAN you should be DECENT and RESPECTFUL NO COMPROMISE. HMMMM Married Man not my thing I’m not that type of woman. I know what I want…….. If there is no pick don’t chat to me, what are u hiding

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